Policies of Human Resources

With an understanding of Human Resources Management with high performance standards, we aim to carry İLKİZ forward with its knowledge skills and competencies; to create a human resource profile that will provide solutions to the needs of stakeholders in global markets. Our goal in this direction;

  • Taking into account organizational and managerial needs in line with company targets and employees' individual development expectations; to form an effective and efficient human resource with the aim of shaping Human Resources Management processes,

  • To create an employee profile that will strive to continuously increase competencies, professional knowledge and skills, open to innovation and change when necessary, to innovate and to develop continuously in all processes of the organization, to believe in constant development and being “customer-centered” and to make a difference in this competitive environment,

  • To create a work environment dominated by the “awareness of togetherness” basing on mutual trust and open communication between all the units of the organization and employees and management,

  • To create a team with the ability to understand the needs of the world's people living in different cultures and in different environments.

  • The principle of "human resources" is to create a harmonious working environment based on mutual trust and open communication with an employee profile that fully embraces our corporate values and that adopts the idea of “togetherness”.

    İlkiz employees are aware that it is the most important way of getting competitive strength and maintaining their business by offering superior products and services at reasonable prices. Our employees know that their skills and efforts are assessed at the rate of their contribution to the work they are doing and that we shed light on their individual development through the performance management process.