Business Units

Being the Turkey's and the world's leading suede and fabric manufacturer and the rising value, Ilkiz continues to grow and become stronger with professional staff, advanced technology use and brands in the professional branches.

Business Branches of our Group

We started our activities as a group company in 1982 and today we are one of the leading suede (flocked fabric), woven fabric producer and exporter in the world.
With our developed technologies, we produce patented flocked fabrics and produce to 7 countries. In the group of woven fabrics with suede furnishing fabric; we continue to provide service to the textile sector with the raw materials such as velvet, linen, viscose, and fiber.

We aimed to introduce the flocking products that are needed in the home textiles and make a difference to the carpet group we started to produce in 2006.
We have combined different usage categories with today's needs by opening different categories with the group of flocking and weaving in the carpet sector.
In home textiles, we have the principle of giving our customers products and services in world standards. Today, our Group maintains our leadership in the world with our brands by making a difference in the business lines where we are involved with high production capacity and innovative approaches.

With our innovative and trend-focused 36 years of experience, we aimed to present trends and combinable products in all new business segments. We are not in a day of change, but in a period to adapt the change and read it correctly. Thanks to the combinable designs of our new furnishings, carpet and curtain products, we will be able to create the desired combination in our homes. We have created a world that can meet the different styles and tastes that we need in our homes from home textiles to curtains and furnishing fabrics.


Smart Fabrics
Based on research and development, we aimed to contribute to the human life with the technology and investments we have realized. Our core strategies have always been to focus on the future and manage the change by adapting to it.
We develop products that will add value to life and increase the quality of life of consumers by combining waterproof, easily cleanable, fire resistant, antibacterial and many other techniques and features in the category of furnishing suede and fabric. With our contract group, we produce technologic textiles suitable for usage in the automotive, aircraft and yacht sectors as well as public use areas such as hotels, hospitals and cinema.

We are offering high quality standard with the different and high added value flock dust we have developed and printing solutions. Sertex is one of the world's leading flock producers. With our technology and services, our aim is to be the preferred company in the world for flock production and printing solutions.
Today, we are carrying out industrial flock printing and synchronous flocking (flock-dispersing, flock-pigment) operations with advanced technologies for textile, clothing and shoemaking sectors in our industry. We also provide foil printing, leather effect, PU film coating processes and we produce cylinder winding band used in textile machines and present to domestic and foreign markets.
With the technology we have, we serve in full capacity in various different sectors.

By developing different technologies and products with our expert R&D team and designers, we continue to offer our users our products matching with the highest quality standards.