We are working to create economic value, trustful and prestigious brands.

The Sertex Brand of the İlkiz Group, with the more than thirtyyears sectorial experience, serving the suede and fabric upholstery with full capacity,
start to life in 2007 by the power it received from its past.
Being the dynamic brand of the sector, Sertex formed its system infrastructres such as sales & marketing, logistics & distribution, dealership statuses, and started a new era in the upholstery endustry that needed suede and fabrics.
Group’s Sertex brand, aiming to be a leader at all times in its sector by its experience and quality, continued all its branding activities in this direction and won the Turquality accreditation.
Sertex, valuing the life quality of the consumer at the same level with the brand perception by innovative and creative products, continues to accomplish its mission by its marketing activities.

Suedser Turkey Division
Suedser Suede Factory is the largest plant in the group, started to operate with the production of upholstery flocked fabrics in 1986, and continued its activities in until 2007.
Suesder serves the upholstery fabric sector with its new facility, which was established in 2009 in Çerkezköy organized industrial zone, with a capacity of 12 million meters production annually in the 110.000 m2 indoor area.
The factory, which has become the world's largest flocked fabric, weaving and printing integrated plant, offers services to 7 continents by producing the best quality and patented flocked fabric with the knowledge and advanced technology.

Microfibres was founded in 1926 by Norman E. McCulloch as the Rayon Processing Companyof Rhode Island.
The Microfibres brand name signifies technological leadership and product innovation throughout the World.
In February 2017, the Microfibres assets, including all intellectual property, were acquired by İlkiz , making İlkiz the largest group who is producing flocking company in the world.

HPFabrics US division
HPFabrics was established in 1926 in Rhode Island-USA, and has started its activities with a capacity of 800,000 meters/month in the closed area of 23,000 m2.
After the establishment of the second factory with a closed area of 40,000 m2 in the Whiston Salem-USA in 1990, HPFabrics has been replaced by 3 times the production capacity and has taken its place among the leading producers in the upholstery fabrics flocked.

Mpress China Divison
Microfibres® China operations - FoShan NanFang Dyeing & Printing company has over 50 years textile dyeing & printing manufacturing experience, and is located in XiQiao Technology and Industrial park in Foshan City, GuangDong province of mainland China.
FoShan NanFang is leading supplier for printed nylon velvet performance fabric for upholstery application by Microfibres® brand in the China market since 2011, and also leading supplier for piece dyed and printed natural linens&cotton fiber upholstery fabrics by MPRESS® brand for US and Europe market since 2010.
Since April 2017, FoShan NanFang merged with Sertex group, a vertically integrated textile company headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. By combining the processes, technology and R&D knowhow and talent people of Sertex, Microfibres, and NanFang, we are now the leading supplier in performance fabrics, and vertical manufacturer for high end upholstery and home fabrics for global markets.

Nan- fang Chine Operations
Foshan Nanfang is a large-scale printing and dyeing enterprise that carries out scientific research and development, production and sales with more than 30 million meters annually of high quality fabrics for home textiles and furniture. It’s leader in terms of product quality.
In more than 60 years of development, dedication, innovation and perfectionism, the spirit of corporate culture and entrepreneurship has moved further forward. NanFang leads the development of modern printing and dyeing enterprises.